Looking to Stir Up Excitement Overseas, Okinawa Hosts the 3rd Great Okinawa Trade Fair

Looking to Stir Up Excitement Overseas, Okinawa Hosts the 3rd Great Okinawa Trade Fair

The 3rd Great Okinawa Trade Fair. Exhibitors and buyers negotiating at booths in the Okinawa Convention Center, November 21, just after 10:00 a.m.

November 22, 2016 Ryukyu Shimpo

Japan’s largest international food industry expo, “The 3rd Great Okinawa Trade Fair” was held on November 21 in the Okinawa Convention Center in Ginowan. The Executive Committee of the trade fair hosted 188 suppliers from 41 different prefectures throughout Japan, as well as 73 suppliers from Okinawa, totaling 261 exhibiting companies. In addition, the trade fair also welcomed 201 buyers, both domestic and from 15 different countries including Singapore, Taiwan, and China. The 462 participating companies was the largest they have ever had.

Executive Committee Chairman Kunio Oroku (who also serves as the chairman of the Okinawa Konwakai) welcomed the participants at the opening ceremony, saying, “As we move from pre-convention to the expo itself, this will be the fourth convention. Many Okinawan and other Japanese goods have been able to develop in overseas markets through the Okinawa International Logistics Hub.”

At exhibition booths arranged throughout the convention hall, suppliers and buyers gathered from all over the world are expected to engage in over 3,000 exchanges through November 22, including individual and free business negotiations. Exhibitors also handed out samples, eagerly looking to sell their best products. The exhibition hall also hosted “Jetro Foodex in Okinawa” and “Japan Sweets Selection 2016.”

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