Ryukyu dynasty-style added to list of Okinawa resort weddings

Ryukyu dynasty-style added to list of Okinawa resort weddings

The Ryukyu dynasty-style wedding demonstration was held on November 25 at the Bankoku Shinryokan resort, Nago.

November 25, 2015 Ryukyu Shimpo

Companies from different industries have developed a Ryukyu dynasty-style wedding in a throne room as a new product for the Okinawa Resort Wedding Association. The firms showed the new product at the Bankoku Shinryokan resort, Nago on November 25.

Okinawan sanshin players and dancers celebrated the mock wedding of a couple dressed in traditional Ryukyuan costumes with a demonstration of a dainty court dance called “yotsutake”.

The companies aim to increase the value added to the resort wedding by holding ceremonies in a gorgeous throne room. There will also be traditional goods, including thrones made of luchu pine, wedding ceremony water glasses made of Ryukyu glass for the bride and groom and a visitors’ book covered with bingata (traditional dyed cloth).

Those involved in the demonstration event wanted to ‘blow a new wind’ into the Okinawa resort wedding business, which relies heavily on images of chapels and beaches. They said the Ryukyu dynasty-style wedding would be a new value-added service using local resources. The Okinawa Resort Wedding Association expects the Ryukyu dynasty-style wedding to become a regular product.

A consortium of four companies, the Sunnet Corporation (Urasoe), Ryukyurian (Ginowan), Urasoe Insatsu (Urasoe) and Sweet-pro (Naha), are promoting the Ryukyu dynasty-style wedding as a project supported by the government. The Okinawa Resort Wedding Association will become the public face in selling the product.

Resort weddings are on the up and Okinawa hosts more than 12,000 couples every year.

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