Okinawa Governor Onaga meets major Taiwanese economic organization

April 20, 2015 Kazuya Arakaki of Ryukyu Shimpo

On April 19, Okinawa Governor Takeshi Onaga who is visiting Taiwan, had a dinner meeting with executives of an economic organization comprising major Taiwanese companies at a hotel in Taipei. They talked for about two hours about promoting economic relations between Okinawa and Taiwan. Onaga said, “I hope that friendly relations between Taiwan and Okinawa can contribute to the development of Asian countries and Japan.”

The executives who attended the meeting belong to a major Taiwanese economic organization which has a membership of a hundred companies, including listed companies. Apart from the beginning, the dinner meeting was closed to the public. The Taiwanese side suggested promoting cooperation between Okinawan companies and Taiwan. They have also asked the Okinawa governor to work on a project whereby baseball teams based in Okinawa can take part in the Taiwanese professional baseball league.

The chairman of the organization Chiang Pin-kung, who is also a senior adviser of CTBC Bank, stressed the importance of the role played by Taiwan in connecting Japan, China and Southeast Asia. Chiang said, “I am confident that economic relations between Okinawa and Taiwan will develop further. With the visit of Okinawa Governor Onaga to Taiwan, we would like to strengthen our efforts to promote investment in both countries.”

Onaga said, “The dynamic economic growth in Asian countries has had an impact on Okinawa, which could become a bridge between Japan and other Asian countries. I hope the friendly relations between Taiwan and Okinawa will contribute to the development of other Asian countries and Japan.”

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