Okinawa agrees on venture exchange with Taiwanese IT organization

Okinawa agrees on venture exchange with Taiwanese IT organization

At Hotel Royal Taipei in Taipei on February 17, Director of the Okinawa Industrial Promotion Public Corporation Eiji Chinen and Director of the Institute for Information Industry Chien-I Weng shook hands after entering into a partnership agreement.

February 18, 2014 Ryukyu Shimpo

On February 17, the Okinawa Industrial Promotion Public Corporation entered into a partnership agreement with the Institute for Information Industry, a Taiwanese governmental information technology think tank. On the same day, two organizations held a signing ceremony in Taipei City. They agreed to promote IT-related venture exchange and to strengthen the partnership between Okinawa and Taiwan. The corporation also held the “Okinawa Food Business Meeting” in Taipei and promoted Okinawan food products.

The think tank is an institution that the government and private organizations created in 1979. It provides IT-related policy advice to the Taiwanese government and supports strategic planning for the information industry development. The think tank also engages in technological development for the industry. With support from the think tank, the corporation aims to promote business in Taiwan and partnerships with Taiwanese companies. The corporation also plans to invite Taiwanese companies to Okinawa.

Before the ceremony, software development company Field System entered into a business partnership with the Taiwanese major IT company VIA Technologies Inc. Field System created Sound Code, a system that sends literal information in inaudible sound waves to mobile terminals. The two companies will co-develop products by using it. The director of the corporation Eiji Chinen said, “It is important for Okinawa to expand business in Asia and invite Asian companies to the prefecture. With the agreement, we hope to promote the IT venture industry on both sides.”

Fifteen companies and organizations from the food and drink industry and local agencies took part in the food business meeting. They met with 48 Taiwanese companies and organizations such as first-class hotels.

(English translation by T&CT, Megumi Chibana)

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