Okinawa Soba Day

Okinawa Soba Day

A family enjoys Okinawa Soba at Okinawa Soba restaurant Kenpa No Subaya in the Omoromachi district of Naha on October 16.

October 17, 2014 Ryuyu Shimpo

October 17 is Okinawa Soba Day. On October 16, at Okinawa Soba restaurant Kenpa No Subaya in the Omoromachi district of Naha, many businessmen and tourists came to taste the hot noodle with a broth made from bonito flakes.

Mikio Teruya who came with his family, said, “Every time our family goes out, we take time to decide which Okinawa Soba restaurant we should go to.”

The owner of the restaurant Kentetsu Asato said, “Okinawa Soba is now a fast food but was traditionally served in Okinawa. The noodle’s charms are that it is convenient to eat and it makes you full.” On October 17, the restaurant also served jucie, Okinawan cooked rice, as a side with the noodles.

Until October 17, 1978, the Japan Fair Trade Commission had not allowed traders selling Okinawa Soba to use the word “soba.” It was not considered to be real soba, because the noodle does not contain buckwheat flour, as it does in the mainland of Japan. However on that date, the Okinawa Fresh Noodles Cooperative and other organizations managed to get the commission to allow them to use the name Okinawa soba. To mark this day, the cooperative set up Okinawa Soba Day on October 17 in 1997. The organization is working to promote the day.

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