Special exhibition of royal costume held at Shurijo Castle

Special exhibition of royal costume held at Shurijo Castle

Visitors see royal costumes displayed at the Shurijo Castle Park in Naha on July 4.

July 5, 2014 Ryukyu Shimpo

On July 4, at the golden palace of the Shurijo Castle Park in Naha, a special exhibition titled “Beautiful…orisen-I, II of Ryukyu kingdom” began. It will be on until September 17. It is the first time that a special exhibition has been held at the golden palace, which was restored in January this year. The exhibition showcases a pattern and sample book edited by the royal government for weavers who were obligated to make cloth for tribute to the royal palace. It shows also the yellow-colored muruduchiri costume pattern that was used. During the exhibition, a total of 51 works will be displayed.

Experts believe that this costume was the one worn by a royal family member in the 19th century. This is said to be as historically valuable as those included in a list titled “National Treasure: Ryukyu King Sho Family Related Documents.”

Yasuyuki Uezu, a curator of the Shurijo Castle Park , said, “We want many people who are interested in dyed or woven fabric works during the Ryukyu Kingdom era to visit the exhibition. There are a few preserved costumes with the muruduchiri pattern, which are national-treasure-class.”

The exhibition “Protect! treasure of Ryukyu” started on July 4 and goes until September 11 at the south palace in Shurijo Castle Park.

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