Tougazuke sweet awarded top prize at 36th Naha Food and Product Fair

<em>Tougazuke</em> sweet awarded top prize at 36th Naha Food and Product Fair

Hisano Jahana, the president of the Jahana kippan-ten and tougazuke assortment that won the top prize at the 36th Naha Food and Product Fair.

February 4, 2014 Ryukyu Shimpo

The Jahana kippan-ten won the highest prize for its product tougazuke assortment at the 36th Naha food and product fair. It received the highest score among the products of 17 companies at the judging held on January 17. The judges recognized this sweet for creating a new concept of the traditional sweet and for the novelty of the package. Hisano Jahana, the president of the shop, was pleased with the award. “Honestly, I am happy because I am confident about this product,” she said.

Kippan and tougazuke originally came from China 300 years ago. They are traditional sweets, which were served to members of the royal government and Chinese envoys during the Ryukyu Kingdom era. With this luxury tougazuke assortment, you can enjoy five different tastes – plain, toasted soybean flour filled with black bean produced in Tanpa, Kyoto, green powdered tea, ginger-brown sugar and coconut.

Jahana became the sixth-generation owner three years ago. “I want young people to enjoy the taste of the Ryukyu traditional confectionery,” she said. Jahana gained an idea for the tougazuke assortment seeing her husband, who is from England, sprinkling powdered green tea on the sweets. After some trial and error, she completed the tougazuke assortment. This sweet was praised in well-established tea rooms in Kyoto. Chocolate tougazuke will be sold in the shop until the end of March. The 36th Naha Food and Product Fair will be held at the Ryubo Department Store in Naha from February 18 to 24.

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