Naha Mayor Onaga says “Fire burning for all Okinawans remains”

Naha Mayor Onaga says “Fire burning for all Okinawans remains”

At the Naha City Assembly Chamber, Mayor Takeshi Onaga voiced his political beliefs on the issue of moving U.S. Marine Air Station Futenma to Henoko. In the morning of December 6.

December 6, 2013 Ryukyu shimpo

The Naha City Assembly began questioning the Naha Municipal Government on December 6 as the December round of regular meetings. On the issue of moving the facilities at Futenma to Henoko in Nago, Mayor Takeshi Onaga said, “Even in these difficult circumstances, the fire burning for all Okinawans remains.” He expressed his wish to keep the hearts of Okinawans united in a nonpartisan manner, and for significant developments to happen. Onaga said, “I will persevere with my belief as I have done to date.”

Onaga talked about the importance of pledges made by politicians. He said, “Politics without confidence in its rulers will not stand. Pledges carry much weight.” Onaga continued, “Politicians are responsible for seeking to deliver what they officially promised.” On December 2, the Naha City Assembly unanimously passed a protest resolution against pressure from the Japanese government designed to promote moving the base to Henoko. The mayor praised the resolution, saying, “The assembly members understand the feelings of Naha citizens and the weight of the pledges.”

Onaga said, “The fire burning for all Okinawans remains. I hope that many Naha citizens and Okinawans take up this fire, which will help bring about significant developments.”

(English translation by T&CT, Lima Tokumori and Mark Ealey)

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