JICA Okinawa hosts 10,000th trainee

JICA Okinawa hosts 10,000th trainee

At the Okinawa International Center in Maeda, Urasoe, on September 15, JICA Okinawa celebrated 10,000th trainees, including Simion Ndemo Ongiri(far left), Janneth Maridadi Mghamaba (third from left) and Patrick Evariste Mwidunda(fifth from left).

September 16, 2013 Ryukyu Shimpo

JICA Okinawa has hosted its 10,000th trainee from overseas. About 80 people, including JICA officials and trainees, celebrated this accomplishment at a ceremony held at the Okinawa International Center at Maeda, Urasoe. Toshihiro Obata, director general of JICA Okinawa, said, “It means that we have sent 10,000 fans of Okinawa to countries all over the world. We will extend this network even further and want to make effective use of it. ”

In the evening of September 14, three trainees from Kenya and Tanzania arrived in Okinawa to become the 10,000th trainees. They will take a course in public health planning on a scientific basis.

Janneth Maridadi Mghamaba, who works in the Department of Health and Human Services of Tanzania, said with a smile, “I have been looking forward to visiting Okinawa very much, because a former trainee who came back from Okinawa told me that Okinawa was a really good place.”

(English translation by T&CT, Mark Ealey)

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