Okinawa Actors’ Association to be incorporated

Okinawa Actors’ Association to be incorporated

On February 3, at the National Theatre Okinawa in Urasoe, members of the Okinawa Actors’ Association listened to the plan to become a general incorporated association.

February 4, 2013 Ryukyu Shimpo

By mid-February, the voluntary group the Okinawa Actors’ Association, which is made up of the actors of Uchina shibai or Okinawan plays, will change into a general incorporated association, and start working to reinvigorate Okinawan popular drama. Becoming a general incorporated association will enable the organization to enhance its management and analytical capabilities, which are essential in the context of decreasing audience and actor numbers. The association will carry out training to publicly seek new scripts and to cultivate human resources such as actors and producers. They also intend to perform throughout Okinawa.

On February 3, the proposal to become a general incorporated association was accepted at the general meeting held at the National Theatre Okinawa. On February 4, the association applied to register the change, and this process will be completed by mid-February. The association will start the project called the “Okinawan Theater Renaissance and Popularization Project,” which includes the institutionalization of the Actors’ Association. They will receive support from the Okinawa Prefectural Culture Promotion Foundation. The association will publicly recruit actors in and outside of Okinawa and establish a training system for actors, musicians, producers, and staff for Uchina shibai.

The association was founded in 1947, and since then has worked as a voluntary group aiming to cultivate and improve the standard of actors. By becoming a general incorporated association it aims to enhance its office management in order to make it more effective.

Yoichi Haru, the president of the organization said, “Incorporation means that we need to unite together. We need to create a theater that will attract as many young people as possible.” Morihiro Tsuha, the executive director, said, “We want to find a star among the young actors.”

At 2:00pm, on February 9, to give actors and researchers on opportunity to exchange opinions about future projects at the Urasoe Municipal Gender Equality Promotion Harmony Center, the association will hold a symposium entitled, “Further development of Okinawa Theater.” Admission is free.
For more information, call the association office at 090 (9782) 8568.

(English translation by T&CT, Megumi Chibana and Mark Ealey)

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