Okinawa Coffee Production Association aims to establish Okinawan coffee brand

Okinawa Coffee Production Association aims to establish Okinawan coffee brand

Naomasa Miyazato reported on the plan to build a coffee farm in Kijoka, Ogimi Village. At midland branch office of the Ryukyu Shimpo on March 10.

March 19, 2015 Ryukyu Shimpo

The Okinawa Coffee Production Association consists of 21 coffee producers in Okinawa. On March 12, the association launched a general incorporated association; “Okinawan Coffee and Tropical fruits Study Society.” The association has registered the new organization as a company, which means it is able to apply for subsidies. The company’s contract stipulates that it aims to improve and streamline cultivation and production techniques of coffee and tropical fruits. Specifically, the association plans to build an over 40,000 square meter farm.

Naomasa Miyazato, the head of the association has become the administrative director of the new organization. Four members of the association, including Katsuyuki Shinzato and Isao Kameya have become executive board members. The society’s main office will be located in Uechi, Okinawa City.

Miyazato said, “We would like to establish an Okinawa coffee brand, contributing to the Okinawan economy.” He added, “We expect to complete growing coffee beans with plastic greenhouse culture within two to three years and aim at stable supply of coffee and vitalization of farmers, with the production system dealing with disasters such as typhoon.”

The society will also work on producing tropical fruits, including passion fruit and mango. The association is considering founding a “Coffee University,” for research and education on how to grow and roast coffee beans.

Coffee producers outside the prefecture have asked to take part in the society. The association plans to strengthen its organizational structure to expand its production.

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