Osprey aircraft fly from Futenma Air Station to Guam for training

Osprey aircraft fly from Futenma Air Station to Guam for training

At around 10:00am on December 7, in Ginowan, Osprey aircraft flew over Futenma Air Station to participate in training conducted in Guam.

December 8, 2012 Ryukyu Shimpo

In the morning of December 7, three of the 12 Osprey aircraft deployed to U.S. Marine Corps Air Station Futenma in Ginowan flew to Guam for training, arriving there that afternoon. This is the first time that the Osprey aircraft have participated in training conducted outside of Japan. The U.S. military has reported that it started full-scale operation of the Osprey aircraft in Okinawa from December 1 and participation in training conducted in Guam appears to be part of this.

The Osprey crews are scheduled to complete their training on December 18, before returning to Futenma Air Station between December 19 and 21. In response to a question from the Ryukyu Shimpo, a spokesperson of the U.S. Forces Japan Public Affairs Office stated that while they could not release the specific details, the Osprey aircraft were to participate in training in Guam that was beyond the capability of CH-46 helicopters. The spokesperson went on to say that the participation in the training in Guam would decrease the number of flights in Okinawa. At 9:56am on December 7, three Osprey aircraft glided in transition from helicopter to airplane mode, and then took off toward the northeast. A spokesperson of the Okinawa Defense Bureau said that as soon as they receive the relevant information they will inform the related municipalities of the period of the Osprey training to be conducted on the main islands of Japan.

(English translation by T&CT, Mark Ealey)

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