Students of Chubu Agricultural High School produce okra noodles using sub-standard product

Students of Chubu Agricultural High School produce okra noodles using sub-standard product

On June 8, at the Castle Highlander in Uruma, students of Chubu Agricultural High School worked making okra noodles.

June 13, 2012 Ryukyu Shimpo

Management of the Castle Highlander, a general-purpose wedding hall in Tengan, Uruma, have decided to offer on their lunch menu once a month okra noodles that Chubu Agricultural High School students have created using imperfect okra. Okra is a local product, and the students are enthusiastic about this initiative that combines learning and assists the local economy.

These okra noodles are made by processing imperfect okra high in fiber into paste before kneading it into flour. The students started to develop the product last November and introduced it at a festival held in Haebaru, Uruma, a production base of okra.

Yoshiaki Toyama, who is the master chef at the Castle Highlander and teaches a cooking class at the school, pushed for the adoption of the noodles on the lunch menu. Toyama said that the okra noodle has a good smell, color and springy texture.

Okra noodles made using sub-standard product is characterized by its stringy texture.

The noodles will be offered on the lunch menu on the second Friday of each month. Sakino Kamiya, a student making the noodle, said, “It is difficult to get the amount of water right to make the noodles. We had problems utilizing the features of okra.” Riko Koura said, “I’m very happy that the noodles we have made will be supplied as a product like this.”

Jin Yakabi, a teacher who teaches the food science courses at the school, said, “It really was trial and error during the development stage. Eating these noodles will help to promote Uruma for the production of okra, and I hope that this okra noodle helps farmers, and boosts the local economy.”

(English translation by T&CT, Lima Tokumori and Mark Ealey)

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