Cocco’s performance praised as KOTOKO wins prize for expression

December 2, 2011 Ryukyu Shimpo

In the main competition of the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival, an international film festival held from November 16 to 30 in Estonia, Cocco, an artist from Okinawa, has won the first Jury Prize For Outstanding Performance and Cinematic Language in the movie KOTOKO, directed by Shinya Tsukamoto. According to distributing agency MAKOTOYA Co., Ltd., the prize was established especially for the movie KOTOKO. The convincing performance by Cocco was highly acclaimed by the judges, who decided that her efforts fell outside the boundaries of existing awards.

Most of the works screened at the Cannes and the Venice Film Festivals were also shown in Estonia, at what is now the leading film festival in Eastern Europe. The official Competition EurAsia, which is the main event in which Asian and European films compete for awards, featured a total of 18 works.

The movie portrays a single mother who does her best to bring up her family but suffers from double-vision and repeatedly indulges in self-harm. It depicts the difficulty and preciousness of life. The film will be shown from April 2012 in Tokyo and after that will be screened at Sakurazaka Theater in Naha. It received the Orizzonti Award for the best movie in the 68th Venice International Film Festival in September, and was shown officially at the 15th Oslo International Film Festival in Norway in November.

(English translation by T&CT, Lima Tokumori and Mark Ealey)

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