Raising money for victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake

Raising money for victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake

Bryce Tomo Wedig and Hannah Marie Wedig, said, “We’d like to send some relief money to the earthquake victims who have sought refuge in Okinawa.” Richmond, Indiana, United States.

May 10, 2011 Ryukyu Shimpo

To raise money for the victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake, 15 year-old Bryce Tomo Wedig and his sister 14 year-old Hannah Marie Wedig, who live in Indiana, ran a stall at their Haru-matsuri (spring festival), held in Earlham College in Richmond, raising $1304.

Told by their grandmother that many of the earthquake victims have been taking refuge in Okinawa, the two children said, “We hope that those who have gone to Okinawa, particularly families with children, would accept donations.”

Soon after the earthquake, Bryce and Hannah said that they would like to do something for the earthquake victims.
They ran a stall in the Haru-matsuri (spring festival), which introduces Japanese culture, selling Japanese accessories and handmade sweets donated by The International Ladies Club and by Japanese people residing in Richmond.
Bryce and Hannah told customers that they would donate all the proceeds to the earthquake victims in Japan. Many people also donated cash.

Bryce and Hannah commented that, “We appreciate that so many Richmond people care about and want to support Japanese earthquake victims.”
After raising money for the victims at a garage sale in June, they are scheduled to visit Okinawa in the middle of that month.

Megumi Kinjo-Wedig, Bryce and Hannah’s mother, wants people to be informed, saying, “I think it will take quite some time for money raised by the government and large organizations to reach the victims. In the meantime, they can use this kind of money raised out in the community to help pay for things like their living expenses and school fees.”

Please contact Megumi by email for inquiries or further information: wedigk@Hughes.net

(English Translation by T&CT, Mark Ealey)

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