Fund-raising campaign for cardiomyopathy boy reaches target

Fund-raising campaign for cardiomyopathy boy reaches target

Rai Matsushima

October 17, 2014 Ryukyu Shimpo

On October 16, a fund-raising campaign for 12-year-old Rai Matsushima, who is suffering from cardiomyopathy after myocarditis, exceeded its goal of 215 million yen. Rai was told he could only receive heart transplant surgery at a hospital in the United States. Volunteer group the Raikun-sukuu-kai has achieved the goal after a 24-day campaign. Depending on the judgment of his doctors, he will visit the United States in early December.

Miyuki Toyama, a co-representative of the group said, “Thankfully really, so many people have donated money for him.” According to the group, as of October 16, the fund-raising reached 218,129,473 yen. On October 17, at a news conference, representatives of the group expressed words of thanks to many donators.

The fund-raising campaign started on September 23. With donations pouring in from inside and outside Okinawa, the group was able to gather enough money to help fund the boy’s surgery.

On October 15, the volunteer group donated a surplus of 125 million yen to Miyu Kaname, who it helped received heart transplant surgery in the United States in 2011. This donation helped the group gather support to reach the goal of the fund-raising campaign for Rai.

The group has stopped its street fund-raising campaign. However, it will continue to accept donations from organizers who have planned to hold events to raise money for charity in order to spend preliminary medical expenses for Rai in the United States.

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