Okinawan singer Cocco keeps supporting children in disaster-affected area

Okinawan singer Cocco keeps supporting children in disaster-affected area

On March 10 at Ryukyu Shimpo in Naha city, Cocco offers support to children in a disaster-affected area through production and sales of charity items.

March 11, 2016 Ryukyu Shimpo

Cocco, an artist from Okinawa, has been supporting a disaster-affected area of the Great East Japan Earthquake through the selling of CDs and charity bazaars of her private items. By 2015, she had donated about 14,580,000 yen to support orphans. This year, she donated about 1,750,000 yen to a public utility association, Chance for Children, which offers educational support for children in a financially difficult situation in a disaster-affected area. Cocco says, “Beyond the relationship between disaster victims and a volunteer, as one adult, I would like to support children.”

Two weeks after the earthquake, Cocco sang for the affected area on a television program. Receiving a letter of appreciation from her fans in Miyagi Prefecture, Cocco visited the affected area for the first time in July 2011. While she raised donations through charity DVDs and CDs, Cocco visited schools and learned how to best offer support.

Since she was a child, Cocco has been thinking that there are many things that children cannot do. When she became an adult, Cocco wanted to do something for children. When she visited a disaster-affected area, she was struck again, “Children make the future. They are so bright.”

As five years have passed since the disaster, Cocco said, “March 11 was the catalyst. Now that I have met them, as long as there are children I hope to offer them help to connect to the future. “

(English translation by T&CT and Megumi Chibana) 

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