Fall is here! Kanro and beautiful Kuwanso

Fall is here! Kanro and beautiful Kuwanso

Blooming kuwanso flowers covered in raindrops (morning of October 7, Kamiunten in Nakijin. Photograph by Naoya Oshiro)

October 8, 2021 Ryukyu Shimpo


In the 24 sekki, which are days that divide the year into 24 solar terms, October 8 is Kanro, marking a time of year when cold air comes in, and dewy mornings are evidence of the deepening autumn. In the fields of Nemurigusa Honpo, a farm in Kamiunten in Nakijin where kuwanso (orange day lilies) are cultivated, the flowers are in bloom. Visitors enjoy the bright vermillion blossoms.


Kuwanso is a traditional vegetable in Okinawa. The plant is known for its characteristic crisp flowers and sweet stems and is said to have a relaxing effect.


On October 7, the weather around Okinawa was cloudy and rainy, but even covered in raindrops, the color of the kuwanso flowers enlivened the entire field.


(English translation by T&CT and Ellen Huntley)


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