Rainy season starts later than usual in Okinawa

Rainy season starts later than usual in Okinawa

Hydrangea flowers in the rain, at Yohena Hydrangea Park in Izumi, Motobu, on May 20. (Photograph taken by Masatoshi Moromizato)

May 21, 2015 Ryukyu Shimpo

On May 20, Okinawa Meteorological Observatory declared the start of rainy season in Okinawa, 11 days later than in an average year, and 15 days later than last year.

In the Amami Islands near Okinawa, the wet weather began on May 19, the earliest rainy season in the country.

Due to the seasonal rain front, the atmosphere in mainland Okinawa and the Sakishima Islands has become unstable.

The Observatory expects the rain front and moist air currents to bring many cloudy and rainy days to the Okinawa region. The rainy season usually ends around June 23.

On May 20, at a garden park at Izumi, Motobu Village, visitors enjoyed blue and light purple flowers under umbrellas in the drizzling rain.

According to the park, the flowers bloomed one week to ten days earlier than usual. Visitors can enjoy them until June 20. The ninety-eight-year-old owner of the park Uto Yohena said, “This year’s flowers are big and colorful. I hope that many people will come along to see them.”

(English translation by T&TC, Hitomi Shinzato)

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