Okinawan white sake intended for Chinese to be sold starting next month

Okinawan white sake intended for Chinese to be sold starting next month

Okinawa white sake “Ohkoku Gongjiu,” a new product using raw sake from Awamori (strong Okinawan liquor) geared toward exportation to China.


September 20, 2018 Ryukyu Shimpo


On September 19, Binkou HD, Mizuhoshuzo, and Nanto Liquor announced the completion of “Ohkoku Gongjiu (Kingdom Sake),” a new Okinawan white sake that uses raw liquor from Awamori (strong Okinawan liquor). It is intended for exportation to China and the alcohol content is 53 percent.

The product name incorporated “Baijiu (white sake),” a spirit familiar to Chinese.


Starting October 22, the product will be sold at locations where Chinese gather, such as souvenir stores concentrated on Kokusai Street, duty-free shops, and restaurants inside luxury resort hotels.

It will also be exhibited at the first China International Import Expo (CIIE) that is to be hosted in Shanghai this November to expand sales at Chinese department stores and liquor stores.


The three companies have been working on commercializing Okinawan white sake since April.

Nanto Liquor Co., Ltd President Kentaro Ohiwa (second from left), Mizuhoshuzo Co., Ltd President Misako Tamanaha (third from left), and Binkou HD Co., Ltd Managing Director Hidekoshi Nakahara (forth from left) introducing “Ohkoku Gongjiu” on September 19 at the Okinawa General Bureau in Naha City

Binkou HD handled expanding into China, Nanto Liquor handled sales geared toward visiting foreign customers, and Mizuhoshuzo handled producing the liquor.

The target is to sell 100 kiloliters in and outside of Japan by 2022.

Nanto Liquor President Ohiwa said, “Since it has been recognized within the prefecture, we will expand our business to existing routes like Tokyo and Kyoto.”


Without tax, a 500 milliliter bottle costs 15,800 yen. Crowdfunding site Makuake started advance sales on September 19.


(English translation by T&CT and Chelsea Ashimine)

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