Pastry shop company Edelweiss founded by Okinawan to expand its business in France

Pastry shop company Edelweiss founded by Okinawan to expand its business in France

Chairman of Edelweiss Tsuyoshi Hiyane

January 27, 2017 Ryukyu Shimpo

On January 25, western pastry manufacturer and sales shop Edelweiss announced its plan to expand business in Europe. It is rare for a Japanese company to buy a confectionery-maker in Europe and make Europe a base to expand its business.

The company was founded by Tsuyoshi Hiyane from Ishigaki City. Hiyane is currently serving as Chairman and Representative Director.

The company has signed a memorandum with the International School of Pastry Olivier Bajard in South France, and it has aims to conduct joint product development and introduce management of a confectionary school.

If negotiations go smoothly, auguring stores and business alliances in France will be formally contracted in March.

Edelweiss develops high-class bakeries such as the Belgian royal brand “Wittamer” and its own brand “Antenor.” There is a subsidiary company “Edelweiss Okinawa”, which is co-financed with Okiko.

The confectionary company that is pursuing consultations in France is Lenard Petit in Vernon, Paris, and it is planning to establish the “Edelweiss Institute (tentative name).” It will be a research and development base for product development using local materials. There are also plans to make its own brand for Europe in the future.

Olivier Bajard, who runs international confectionery schools worldwide, is a patisserie with the title of French National Best Craftsman (MOF).

By working with Bajard and receiving technical guidance, Hiyane is planning to expand sales of Edelweiss’s flagship brand “Antenor.” He will also make use of the management of a confectionery school which will open in Kobe.

(English translation by T&CT and Megumi Chibana)

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