Ryukyu Kasuri Cooperative wins the Pola Traditional Culture Award

Ryukyu Kasuri Cooperative wins the Pola Traditional Culture Award

On August 13 at the Ryukyu Kasuri Business Cooperative Haebaru Office, Director Ritsuko Shiroma and Taeko Oshiro are all smiles, with Haebaru Hanaui in their hands.

August 14, 2017 Ryukyu Shimpo


The 37th Pola Traditional Culture Award has chosen prize winners among individuals and groups contributing to the succession and promotion of traditional culture.

The Ryukyu Kasuri Business Cooperative, which has contributed to the preservation and succession of Haebaru Hanaui, won the regional award for Okinawa Prefecture.

An award presentation ceremony will be held in Tokyo on October 24.

Director Shiroma said, “Haebaru Hanaui was designated a traditional craft, and people in the community have reaffirmed the beauty of Haebaru Hanaui.

That led to winning the award. We would like to work as a community to pass down precious cultural heritage.”

The Ryukyu Kasuri Business Cooperative was established in 1975. In order to halt the decline in the number of active producers, the Cooperative started successor training for Ryukyu Kasuri and Haebaru Hanaui in 1981.

In January, in response to the designation of Haebaru Hanaui as a traditional craft by the state, the Cooperative set out to begin successor training specializing in Haebaru Hanaui. The training started in August.

This year, two nominations from the whole country were selected for the Excellence Award, one for the Encouragement Award, and five for the Regional Awards.


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