1,000 Mangoes on one tree at Higa’s Farm in Nakijin!

1,000 Mangoes on one tree at Higa’s Farm in Nakijin!

Nimeo Higa smiling in front of his mango tree that produced around 1,000 mangoes. June 22 in the Orchard Higa greenhouse in Imadomari, Nakijin

July 3, 2017 by Takahiro Arashiro Ryukyu Shimpo

Nakijin – A single mango tree has yielded close to 1,000 mangoes at Mineo Higa’s (65) mango farm, “Orchard Higa” in Imadomari, Nakijin, creating a buzz throughout the region. The tree is around 29 years old. The branches of the mango tree are held up on splints, allowing it to be spread out low to the ground in a formation with a diameter exceeding 10 meters. As the tree had grown too large, a number of surrounding mango trees had to be removed.

Normally, a single mango tree yields around 120 mangoes. The previous year, around 400 mangoes were harvested from Higa’s giant tree.

Last year, Higa noticed mites eating small insects outside, speculating that, “The mites were possibly eating thrips, an insect that is harmful to mangoes.” Higa gathered some of these Phytoseiidae mites and set them loose in the facility.

Thrips are harmful to the important parts of the mango including the sprouts, flowers, and fruits. They breed rapidly, and are resistant to pesticides. The insects are under 2 millimeters in size, making them difficult to detect.

Higa showed off the tree, smiling, “We lowered the amount of pesticides, producing safe, healthy mangoes. Our goal is agriculture that is in harmony with the surrounding environment. Since we grew many more mangoes than expected, I may apply for a Guinness World Record.” The mangoes are due to ship mid-July.

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