Okinawans overjoyed at successful heart transplantation of one-year-old Himari

Okinawans overjoyed at successful heart transplantation of one-year-old Himari

Himari Morikawa (Photograph provided by Save Himari Association).

November 16, 2016 Ryukyu Shimpo

One-year-old Himari Morikawa traveled to the United States to undergo a cardiac transplantation and the operation was successfully carried out on November 14. Head of “Save Himari Association,” Narimasa Tsuha, said, “We managed to be successful thanks to you. We are full of gratitude to all the people who supported Himari.”

Tsuha said the father of Himari, Koki Morikawa, informed him of the successful operation via phone. He added that the condition still requires caution; however, the family believes in miracles, and continues to push on.

Two-year-old Noa Onaga underwent a cardiac transplantation with donated funds this February and her operation was successful. A surplus of the funds was donated to the transplant expenses of Himari. Noa’s father Tsukasa Onaga said, “I am glad to hear the news. Although the parents of Himari are still concerned about dealing with the possibility of an adverse reaction and a course of physiotherapy, they need to get some rest because the operation was successful.”
On the Facebook page of “Save Himari Association,” people wrote that they are relieved, glad she made it and wanted to see her smile.

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