Crimes involving US servicemen violating criminal code in Okinawa accounts for 45 % of recorded crime in Japan

October 5, 2016 Ryukyu Shimpo

There are 34 cases in which U.S. military personnel were charged for violating the Japanese criminal code in Okinawa. The figures accounted for 45 percent of 76 cases nationwide. On October 4, Kiichiro Jahana, the head of the Executive Office of the Governor, announced the number to Okinawa Prefectural assembly member Masatsugu Uehara in an inquiry session.

A working team, in which representatives from governments of Japan, Okinawa, and the U.S. military in Okinawa discuss preventive measures against crimes and incidents involving the U.S. military personnel, announced in April that there were 34 cases of recorded crimes involving 42 servicemen in Okinawa. The figures had increased by five cases and 15 people.

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