Trapped sea turtle saved on Tonaki Island beach

Trapped sea turtle saved on Tonaki Island beach

A green turtle trapped in a sand hole at Yubukuhama beach, Tonakai Village, on May 30.

June 7, 2016 Ryukyu Shimpo
By Nana Sasahara

On May 30, at Yubukuhama beach on Tonaki Island, a local resident found a green sea turtle unable to move in the sand and notified the village office.

The turtle was 130 cm in length. It seemed that the turtle was trapped in a hole, which she had dug to lay her eggs. The village office staff helped dig her out a bit, and the turtle was able to go back slowly to the sea by herself.

Many green turtles live in the sea surrounding Tonaki Island.
Marie Sasaguch, who saved the turtle, said, “I was worried the turtle was severely weak, but she was happy and able to go back to the sea.”

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