Ishigaki commemorates 20th anniversary of sister-city relationship with Su’ao, Taiwan

Ishigaki commemorates 20th anniversary of sister-city relationship with Su'ao, Taiwan

On November 6, at the Ishigaki City Shinei Park, Ishigaki City, Mayor Yoshitaka Nakayama (third person from left), Su’ao Mayor Chen Jinlin (fourth from left), and others connected to the event unveiled the inscribed monument with the kanji character “yui” for the commemoration of the 20th anniversary of a sister-city relationship between Ishigaki City and Su’ao, Taiwan.

November 21, 2015 Ryukyu Shimpo

Ishigaki City and Su’ao Township in Yilan, Taiwan celebrated 20 years of sister-city relationship this year. On November 6, at Ishigaki Shinei Park, there was an unveiling ceremony for an inscribed monument with the kanji, or Chinese character, “yui”, which means bonding, to commemorate the history of the relationship. Officials attending the ceremony promised to continue to deepen the friendship and exchange.

The inscription was written by Nanryu Chihara, a well-known calligrapher and recipient of Ishigaki City Citizen’s Honor Award.

Looking back on his own childhood when he escaped the war and moved to Taiwan for safety, Chihara said, “I have a deep emotional attachment. I wrote the character boldly wishing a firmer bond between Ishigaki and Taiwan. I hope the exchange between the two thrives.“

Ishigaki City Mayor Yoshitaka Nakayama said, “Yui implies our feeling for mutual help and development. We hope to promote our relationship.”

In September, Mayor Nakayama visited Su’ao and signed a memorandum to promise the collaboration and promotion of economy, culture, tourism, and education. For the unveiling ceremony, a delegation led by Mayor Chen Jinlin from Su’ao visited Ishigaki Island and took part in the Ishigaki Island Festival, which was held on November 7.

At the ceremony, Chen said, “I hope to start another page of the history.”

(English translation by T&CT and Megumi Chibana) 

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