Okinawa ranks No.1 in tourist satisfaction for seven consecutive years

Okinawa ranks No.1 in tourist satisfaction for seven consecutive years

The Jaran tourism survey 2015 by prefectures (Unit:%)

September 8, 2015 Ryukyu Shimpo

On September 7, the Jaran Research Center, a domestic tourism research institute operated by Recruit Life Style, released “The Jaran Travel Survey 2015.” Okinawa Prefecture has ranked the best in overall satisfaction level for seven years in a row. Among eight categories of attractive features, Okinawa ranked No. 1 for five categories. Also, the travel expenses of domestic visitors who stayed in Okinawa in 2014 were 102,500 yen per person. Okinawa was the only place nationwide where expenses exceeded 100,000 yen. The average was 49,200 yen.

The online survey was conducted from last April to March this year and involved 15,474 domestic tourists who were not on business trips, school trips, and homecoming visits. The survey began in 2004, with this year marking the 11th year.

The five categories in which Okinawa ranked number one include; “A feeling of hospitality from residents,” “Many attractive accommodation facilities,” “Many attractive facilities and activities for adults,” “Many attractive local products,” and “Good local access to tourist information.” Okinawa made the top five for three other categories as well. Okinawa ranked second in the category of “Place to revisit,” following Hokkaido.

According to the Research Center, the number of domestic tourists who visited Okinawa for leisure in 2014, was approximately 5,150,000 people and ranked the 10th nationwide. It was the first time for Okinawa to make top 10 since 2003, when the Center began the survey. The repeat rate for tourist visits is 69%. There are more individual tourists than package tours, approximately 70% of visitors not on package tours.

24.4% of tourists were couples, 15.9% were families with children below six-years-old. By region, 39.2% tourists visited from Kanto area and 16.5% from Kansai.

With travel expenditure increasing nationwide, the travel rates of a young men (20 to 34 years old) in particular greatly increased since 2013. The number of young male tourists increased two years in a row.

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