10,000 Eisa Dance Parade rouses audience members’ hearts

10,000 Eisa Dance Parade rouses audience members’ hearts

Performers dance eisa with passion on Kokusai Street in Naha on August 2. (Photograph taken by choushou Yakabu)

August 3, 2015 Ryukyu Shimpo

The 21st Ten thousand Eisa Dance Parade was held on August 2 on Kokusai Street in Naha.

At ten locations along the street, from in front of Palette Kumoji to Saion Square, about four thousands members from 29 organizations, including local youth associations and eisa groups, performed eisa dances. About 65,000 spectators were enthralled by heroic performances.

The spectators watched the eisa dance in cooler weather than usual, with the performance being interrupted by rain.

Hanae Oshiro, who moved to Okinawa from Tokyo in April this year due to marriage, said, “The performers dancing with drums were very cool.”

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