Juri-uma parade performed in Tsuji

<em>Juri-uma</em> parade performed in Tsuji

Women danced juri-uma at Tsuji in Naha on March 15.

March 16, 2015 Ryukyu Shimpo

On March 15, or January 20 in the old lunar calendar, a traditional New Year event called hachika sogachi was held at Tsuji in Naha. Participants prayed for business success and a good harvest. The Tsuji Shinshikai Foundation and other groups organized the event.

Women dressed in beautiful costumes made of bingata, Okinawan traditional resist dyed cloth, performed the juri-uma dance, which attracted many spectators.

Okinawan shaman or kaminchu, a role played by women, visited places of worship in Tsuji, and made an offering to the gods. They prayed for business success and a good harvest. After that, women did the juri-uma dance using a horse-shaped plate, yelled out “Yui yui.”

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