Iwanami Shoten and Okinawa exhibit held in Naha

Iwanami Shoten and Okinawa exhibit held in Naha

Iwanami Shoten and Okinawa exhibit, which displays a copy of Report from Okinawa, written by Senaga in Iwanami Paperbacks. At Fukutsukan in the Wakasa district of Naha

January 7, 2015 Ryukyu Shimpo

On January 7, non-government museum Fukutsukan in Naha, which displays documents relating to the late Okinawan prominent political figure Kamejiro Senaga , started the Iwanami Shoten publisher and Okinawa exhibit.

The exhibition displays a copy of Report from Okinawa which was written by Senaga for Iwanami Paperbacks series, and unpublished manuscripts Senaga wrote for SEKAI, a Japanese monthly journal. The exhibition also shows the journal editors’ letters to Senaga.

Since its launch in 1938, Iwanami Paperbacks has published over 3,000 books. Report from Okinawa is the first book to include the word “Okinawa” in its title. It became a best seller, achieving 124,000 copies.

In the exhibit, six large panels with content looking back on history of Iwanami Shoten publisher, which marked the 100th anniversary of its founding in 2013, were displayed. Visitors can read the company history.

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