Rinken Band performs in Paris

Rinken Band performs in Paris

Rinken Band performed at the Japan Culture House of Paris.

December 29, 2014 Yoko Oshiro, Correspondent of Ryukyu Shimpo

As December arrives and the streets of Paris fill with Parisians in long black coats, the Japan Culture House of Paris sprang to life in vibrant Okinawan colors when Rinken Band held a two-day concert on December 5 and 6.

The performance was held to promote the annual “NiUtu Umachi” music event held in Okinawa City produced by Rinken Band leader Rinken Teruya, and to promote Okinawa Tourism.

Rinken Band was formed in 1977, and their fresh “Okinawan Pop” style of music seemed to be a hit with Parisians.

The concert was filled with spectacles such as a song accompanied with the spirited sounds of Eisa drums. Tomoko Uehara, one of Okinawa’s foremost vocalists, enthralled audiences with her crisp yet powerful and soothing voice.

During the concert’s encore, the audience responded with many enthusiastic calls of “Bravo!” After the encore, a long queue formed as audience members lingered around for the performers’ autographs.

Teruya said, “With this as a stepping stone, we would like to hold more regular concerts in Europe in the future.”

(English translation by T&CT and Lima Tokumori)

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