The World Youth Uchinanchu Festival held in Germany

The World Youth <em>Uchinanchu</em> Festival held in Germany

The participants of the third World Youth Uchinanchu Festival Germany 2014 gathered in front of Dusseldorf Central Station in the afternoon on July 30.

July 31 2014 Ryukyu SHimpo

Under the theme of “Plant Okinawan seeds in Europe,” the third World Youth Uchinanchu Festival Germany 2014 was held in Dusseldorf from July 30 to August 1. Young people of Okinawan descent took part from all around the world. The event drew 38 participants from Germany, the United Kingdom and France. Before the opening ceremony, the participants took part in a sightseeing tour of the city, and interacted with one another.

Riki Arakaki who is from Naha and currently studying in the United Kingdom, said, “It was interesting to join the festival aimed at young people from the same generation. I realized the charm of Okinawa which can be seen clearly from outside the prefecture. I am looking forward to meeting other participants.”

For the opening ceremony on July 31, stage performances of Ryukyuan dance and sanshin were held. In the afternoon, organizers held a talk session named “Baton of Memories of War and Peace.”

On August 1, organizers held an event, in which participants introduced Okinawan cultures that take root in various countries and regions all around the world. The event named “International Yuntaku Cafe,” in which the participants chatted with one another in a relaxed manner.

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