Yuinchi Hotel Nanjo aims to be first medical tourist facility

July 24, 2014 Wu Li Jun of the Ryukyu Shimpo

Medical corporation Tapic Group plans to change its Yuinchi Hotel Nanjo to medical tourist facility. They will build an annex to house a new rehabilitation facility and clinic on hotel property. It will open in April 2017.

The hotel annex will be a seven-story building of a total floor area of 5,500 square meters. It has 71 guest rooms, which are all western-style with ocean views. Targeted customers are long-stay travelers from overseas. It aims to be the first hotel with medical facility in Okinawa. A bridge will connect between the hotel annex and the main hotel building.

The total cost of the project will be about 100 million yen.

The rehabilitation and clinic facility will be a single-story building of a total floor area of about 500 square meters. A doctor and nurse will be present at all times.

Tapic Group also has a vision to build 25-story building after 2025. They aim to invite famous hotels from overseas. They also plan to build a hotel annex, rehabilitation facility, a clinic, a school for medical professions, hospital, and residential houses in the area.

Yoshikazu Miyazato, the representative for Tapic Group, said, “We would like to actively attract tourists from overseas and develop Nanjo city as a center of health.”

(English translated by T&CT, Hitomi Shinzato)

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