Worldwide figure company Kaiyodo holds an exhibit in Okinawa

Worldwide figure company Kaiyodo holds an exhibit in Okinawa

Visitors were eager to see the figures displayed at Tomarin in Naha on July 26.

July 27, 2014 Ryukyu Shimpo

Japanese company Kaiyodo which is known for figurines and garage kits worldwide, held a figure exhibit at the special hall on the third floor of Tomarin (Tomari Port Terminal) in Naha.

Organizers displayed over 4,000 figures created by the company. The exhibit will be held until September 7.

It displayed life-size figures of Fist of the North Star character Kenshiro, Ultraman characters and Neon Genesis Evangelion character Rei Ayanami from popular Japanese manga and anime, as well as some palm-sized figures. The fantasy world of these characters enthralled children who attended the exhibit.

Six-year-old Eigo Miyagi said, “The figure of a dinosaur was cool.” His mother Natsuki said, “I took a photograph of Kenshiro because I used to read the manga. With such gorgeous figures lined up, I was so thrilled.”

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