Eight pigs run away on national highway

Eight pigs run away on national highway

Staff members of Terumasa Co. try to avoid interference with traffic flow as they lead the run-away pigs from a cargo truck on the morning of May 30 near Yonabaru intersection. (Photograph provided by a staff member of Terumasa Co.)

May 31, 2014 Ryukyu Shimpo

Eight pigs’ ran away on the national highway in Yonabaru during traffic congestion, causing a major scene. At around 8:45 a.m. on May 30, at the intersection in Yonabaru, a barrier on the rear part of a cargo truck carrying about 30 pigs, fell down, and eight pigs ran away. About 20 police from the Yonabaru Police Station rushed to the scene and 15 staff members from a construction company Terumasa Co. assisted to catch the pigs.

The pigs fled onto the road in front of the building of Terumasa Co. Hearing the pigs’ cries, staff members of the company came out of their office, and saw three animals walking on the road. Another three ran away towards the direction of Sashiki. Employees at the scene succeeded in chasing the animals into a parking lot with brooms. The two pigs that ran away in the Yonabaru Police Station direction were caught at its parking lot.

There were no injuries or accidents as a result of the pigs escaping.

Yuji Arima, the security section chief of Yonabaru Police Station, said, “It was lucky for us and the pigs that this did not become a serious accident.” Shigeya Tamaki, a staff member of Terumasa Co. guessed they might have run away from a fear of being cooked for Soki Jiru (Okinawan soup with pork).

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