Okinawan flower lovers taking care of endangered “mustard-like” flower

Okinawan flower lovers taking care of endangered

An endangered species Kalanchoe integra with small and yellow flower petals.

March 27 2014 Mitsuo Kouchi, correspondent of Ryukyu Shimpo

Flower lovers in Nago City have been taking care of Kalanchoe integra. A Japanese endangered species list, the “Red Data Book”, designates the flower as an endangered species.

The flower has one-centimeter-long yellow flower petals, which make it look like field mustard.

One of the flower lovers said, “My friend gave it to me. I have been raising the flower for five to six years. It is popular because the flower keeps its freshness.” The flower is 90 centimeters in height with its stem standing erect.

The native-grown flowers appeared to no longer grow in the wild in Japan. But there is a high possibility the cultivated flowers continue to grow around Okinawa. A spokesperson of the Okinawa Prefectural Government said, “It is possible the flower will be in danger of being extinct soon.” The government lists the flower as Critically Endangered. It can be found in the Ryukyu Islands, Taiwan and the South East Asia.

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