Ryukyuan ritual Momosoomonomairi reenacted in Shuri Castle Park

Ryukyuan ritual <em>Momosoomonomairi</em> reenacted in Shuri Castle Park

The Ryukyuan ritual Momosoomonomairi was reenacted to commemorate the restoration of four buildings next to the main temple at Sichanuna forecourt of Shuri Castle Park in the afternoon of January 25.

January 26, 2014 Ryukyu Shimpo

On January 25, the Okinawa Churashima Foundation recreated the Momosoomonomairi, one of the traditional rituals that used to be carried out at Shuri Castle during the Ryukyu Kingdom period.

The foundation commemorated the restoration of four buildings next to the main temple of the castle such as the Kuganiudun, Yuinchi and Kinjutsumesho, Okushoin.

In the ritual, noro or female oracles made a pilgrimage around the castle and surrounding sacred areas. The participants used to pray for the longevity of the kings, prosperity of their descendants as well as safe sailing and a good harvest.

On that day, under a blue sky, about 30 oracles and royal government officials left the Una forecourt for the worship house in the Sichanuna forecourt. They prayed there, and then made a pilgrimage to Kyonochi, a place where the oracles forbid men to enter. They took an hour to reenact the ritual.

The organizer held the event by lighting up the castle at night.

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