Facial mask sheet containing snake extract beautifies skin

Facial mask sheet containing snake extract beautifies skin

A cosmetic facial mask sheet that uses habu snake extract.

July 25, 2013, Ryukyu Shimpo

The Uruma-Bio Co. based in Uruma and Okinawa World in Nanjo have developed a cosmetics facial mask sheet that uses the extract of the habu (pit viper). The mask sheet is available from July 24 at Okinawa World and in hotels and gift shops in the prefecture. Uruma-Bio manufactures and sells nutritional supplements and Okinawa World is a tourist facility run by the Nanto Co. Representatives from both companies announced the new product at a press conference held on July 24 at the Okinawa Prefectural Government Office. They say that the habu extract gives facial skin a natural luster, tension and glow and that it also has a moisturizing effect. They have added a natural aroma blended from lavender and tea tree oil to bring out the pleasant smell of the forest and to tone down the image of poisonous snakes.

Okinawa World, which runs a habu museum and park, has experience running projects that involve snakes, including a habu-show. Ko Takahashi, the manager of the park said, “This product will also serve to help promote local industry.” The facial mask sheet is the sixth item in the cosmetics series, “Ryukyu-Bihada” (Ryukyu beautiful skin) released by Uruma-Bio. This is the second time that the company has jointly produced items with a business partner in Okinawa. Uruma-Bio has sold about 620,000 units of “Ryukyu-Bihada” since 2010.

One facial mask sheet sells for 399 yen including tax. The company aims to sell about 200,000 sheets in the first fiscal year.

(English translation by T&CT, Mark Ealey)

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