Noguchigera released after road accident

Noguchigera released after road accident

A noguchigera that had recovered after a road accident returned to the forest in Jashiki, Kunigami on July 8.

July 9, 2013 Ryukyu Shimpo

A noguchigera, or Okinawa woodpecker, a species designated as a special national treasure, has recovered from injuries suffered in a road accident. It was released in Jashiki, Kunigami, about six kilometers off the road on July 8.

This is the first time that a noguchigera has returned to the forest after recovering from such injuries.

Seven accidents involving these birds have occurred since statistics began to be taken in 2009. The accident in question was the first this year.

The male noguchigera taken into care was an adult bird about 30 centimeters long and weighing 140 grams.

The person who found the injured bird lying on a road on June 30 reported it to the Yambaru Wildlife Conservation Center then the NPO Animal Hospital Okinawa took care of the bird. Because of its injured right leg, the bruises all over its body and where the bird was found, hospital staff judged the bird to have been hit by a car.

Ichihito Yamamoto, a conservation ranger at the Yambaru Wildlife Conservation Center said, “In addition to the Yambaru kuina, precious species such as the noguchigera and the Ryukyu long-haired rat have also been hit by cars.”
He appealed to people to drive slower and be more careful.

(English translation by T&CT, Mark Ealey)

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