Three humpback whales appear in Nago Bay

Three humpback whales appear in Nago Bay

At 3:00pm, on April 12, in Nago Bay, Kyoda in Nago, humpback whales swim, showing their tail fins at the surface of the water.

April 13 2013 Ryukyu Shimpo

At 3:00pm on April 12, three humpback whales were reported to be swimming in Nago Bay. They swam around the bay during for about 90 minutes, occasionally showing their tail fins above the surface of the water, and blowing water into the air. They were snuggling up closely to each other so they are probably parent and child.

Humpback whales spend time in Arctic waters during summer and then move south to breed in winter, appearing in the sea around Nago from January to March. Local people say that whales have moved on by the time the Shimi Festival season comes around, and so this is probably the last look at whales this season. The Shimi Festival, in which the people of Okinawa honor ancestral spirits, is held during March of the lunar calendar.

Many tourists and local residents watching the whales stopped their cars along National Highway No. 58 in the stretch of road from the roadside station at Kyoda to Agarie. Cheers rose from children each time the whales blew.

(English translation by T&CT, Mark Ealey)

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