Hijiki seaweed harvest begins

<em>Hijiki</em> seaweed harvest begins

Members of the Fisheries Cooperative working on the hijiki harvest at Itarashiki, Yonabaru Town, in the morning of March 10.

March 11, 2013 Ryukyu Shimpo

This year’s hijiki seaweed harvest began on the morning of March 10 along the coast at Itarashiki in Yonabaru. This brown seaweed found on rocky coastlines is a local specialty of Yonabaru. Members of the Fisheries Cooperative in Nishihara and Yonabaru used sickles to harvest seaweed that had grown to a length of about 80 centimeters. The harvesting will continue until late May.
On March 10, about 20 people began cutting after they had prayed for a good harvest and safety at four separate locations, including the processing plant, on the coastline and at a place of worship.

Satoshi Toma, the head of the cooperative, said, “We produced about 50 tons last year, but thanks to more appropriate weather conditions than last year the hijiki has grown well this season. I think that we can look forward to a good harvest; maybe 60 tons in all.”

(English translation by T&CT, Mark Ealey)

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