Wansaka Oura Park runs metamorphic rock-viewing tour

Wansaka Oura Park runs metamorphic rock-viewing tour

On July 5, at near Cape Ban in Teniya, Nago, participants in the tour listened to the guide in front of the fold.

July 11, 2012 Ryukyu Shimpo

To mark the Kayo Fold (metamorphic rock) being designated as a national natural treasure, on July 5, at Teniya in Nago, on a trial basis the Wansaka Oura Park held a metamorphic rocks-viewing tour. A total of 21 people including municipal office officials, local residents and guides took part in the canoe tour, and the park will open it up to the public by the end of August, once the content is further enhanced after receiving comments from the initial round of participants.

The park planned the tour as a part of efforts to revitalize the local area that take advantage of the natural treasures certified by the national government.
In an explanatory session before the tour starts, it was explained that the unique fold of metamorphic rock is the result of pressure on the strata from various directions over tens of millions of years.

From Teniya it took about 40 minutes paddling across the sea full of coral in a canoe to reach the fold of metamorphic rock. After the participants got to the site, they said things like, “I was really moved by such an awe-inspiring place,” “I was impressed that the earth is a living thing,” “I felt a sense of romance about the place,” and one person who saw coral under the water said, “I really enjoyed the sea, the sky and the natural surroundings.”

Staff member of the Wansaka Oura Park Mitsunaga Oshiro who put the tour together, said, “This time, we went around Teniya but from now on I would like to organize similar programs at other sites on the east coast side in Nago.”

The timetable and prices of the canoe tour will be set in future, but for further information, please visit the official website: http://wansaka.ti-da.net/

(English translation by T&CT, Lima Tokumori and Mark Ealey)

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