VacilOki, Spanish radio program from Okinawa

VacilOki, Spanish radio program from Okinawa

VacilOki, Spanish radio program is attracting attention both within Okinawa and from other countries (at Okiraji in Okinawa City).

July 18, 2011 Teppei Ikeda of Ryukyu Shimpo

VacilOki, the first Spanish-language radio program in Okinawa, is gaining popularity.
It was started by Okiraji, a FM community radio station based in Okinawa City. The program’s four hosts, each with a different nationality, are attracting positive feedback as they provide various programs in which they invite Spanish-speaking people on as guests.

The radio hosts are Carolina Horikawa Yosa (from Peru), Lidibeth Rudy (from Panama), Manolo Matatan (from Dominica) and Francisco Figueroa (from Puerto Rico).
VacilOki streams live video over the Internet on its website.
The four hosts introduce recommended places in Okinawa and broadcast popular songs from their own countries.

The name VacilOki is a mixture of the Spanish word “vacilon” (fun loving) and “Okinawa,” in hope that many people will enjoy the radio service that started more than one month ago on June 8.
The program is streamed onto the Internet, so listeners are not confined to within the prefecture, with people from all around the world increasingly showing interest in Okinawa.

Carolina smilingly said, “We would like to make Spanish speaking people in Okinawa live happily and promote exchange between them and the local Okinawans. We would also like to spend more time introducing local specialties.”

(English Translation by T&CT, Mark Ealey)

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