The first Chinese tourist group visits Okinawa on multiple-entry visas

The first Chinese tourist group visits Okinawa on multiple-entry visas

On July 7 the first group of Chinese tourists taking advantage of multiple-entry visas was welcomed at Naha Airport.

July 8, 2011 Ryukyu Shimpo

On the morning of July 7, ten people of the first tourist group on multiple-entry visas arrived at Naha Airport from Beijing via Haneda. Multiple-entry visas for Chinese tourists have been issued since July 1 allowing Chinese tourists to visit Japan anytime during its three-year period of validity. At the welcome ceremony held at the domestic terminal building of Naha Airport, Deputy Governor Yoshiyuki Uehara presented commemorative gifts of Ryukyu glass to each of the Chinese tourists.

On this day four flights from Shanghai and Beijing carried a total of 48 Chinese tourists to Okinawa on multiple-entry visas.
During their stay of one to three nights in Okinawa, they will visit the Churaumi Aquarium and Manzamo.

Deputy Governor Uehara said, “We hope that tourists from China will enjoy our natural environment, with its beautiful sea, and that they will be happy with the experience of Okinawan cuisine. We will make every effort to create an environment that they can enjoy and feel that they would like to come back to again in future.”

A woman tourist in the group said, “The multiple-entry visa does make it attractive to us. I really like the fantastic resorts in Okinawa, and would like to come again.”

(English Translation by T&CT, Mark Ealey)

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