Singaporean TV crews visit Okinawa, reporting on the link between longevity and foods

Singaporean TV crews visit Okinawa, reporting on the link between longevity and foods

Singapore TV crew reports on the agu at Omoro Farm in Yasuda, Kunigami Village on July 4.

July 7, 2011 Ryukyu Shimpo

The crew of MediaCorp Channel 8, a state-run television channel in Singapore, visited Okinawa to make a television program about culture and food in various countries around the world.
From July 1 to 6, they collected material about the correlation between longevity and the Okinawan diet.
The crew also interviewed the staff at Omoro Farm, in Ada, Kunigami Village, where agu, or rare Okinawan native pigs, are raised.

Singaporean actor Darren Lim played the role of the presenter, covering topics such as how to raise agu, how to feed them and the difference in the taste between the male and female pigs.
On July 5, the crew tried some specialties made with agu at Sui Dunchi, a restaurant that cooks and serves foods made with agu from Omoro Farm.

Darren said, “Okinawa has a very good climate and is surrounded by beautiful sea. Its people are also very friendly. Okinawan cuisine has a variety of savory flavors and tastes, something like a mixture of Japanese and Chinese cuisine. I think that the rich and varied natural environment and the food, plus the slow lifestyle contributes to a high longevity in Okinawa.”

The group of reporters also visited the homes of elderly people in Ogimi Village and Nakijin Village who have passed the century mark, asking them about the secret of their longevity.
The television program is scheduled to be aired in Singapore this August.

(English Translation by T&CT, Mark Ealey)

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