Tripod Co. seeks to establish a medical tourism partnership with China to attract wealthy visitors

Tripod Co. seeks to establish a medical tourism partnership with China to attract wealthy visitors

On June 10, at the Okinawa Prefectural Government offices, Zhao Lei (left), president of Shanghai Yuanhua Healthcare Co.Ltd, talks about the possibility of medical tourism to Okinawa.

June 11, 2011 Ryukyu Shimpo

Tripod is a company operating out of Tomigusuku City that mainly coordinates healthcare tourism. Its president, Seishu Tamaki, is seeking to collaborate with Yuanhua Healthcare Co.Ltd, headed by president Zhao Lei, to attract wealthy tourists from China. With 500,000 members, Shanghai-based company Yuanhua Healthcare Co.Ltd is a leading provider of medical advice services in China, offering medical insurance to rich clients.
On his first visit Okinawa, on June 9 president Zhao visited the healthcare facilities of Tomigusuku accompanied by Tamaki.

“Okinawa has a well-established medical environment, and people are well taken care of here. I think that there is great potential in terms of customer service. I am confident that even wealthy people from China will enjoy it here,” Zhao said on June 10, indicating his interest in a partnership with the Okinawan company.

To date, Tripod has invited six people from Beijing and Taiwan for a tour in which they had cancer screening and medical check-ups at Toyosaki Clinic and Tomishiro Chuo Hospital, but it is yet to establish any alliances with foreign companies. “We aim to establish links with a counterpart in China in August. Business possibilities for Okinawa will be enhanced when our alliance is put in place,” said Tripod bureau chief Katsuya Maezato hopefully.

That same day, Zhao exchanged views with Deputy Governor Yoshiyuki Uehara at the Prefectural Office. Uehara commented, “Okinawa already has visitors who come here for a short time for physical examinations, but we hope to extend available services to include medical resorts for long-stay care in the future. As another highlight of Okinawan tourism, we will strive to create a well-organized system in this sector.”

Zhao also visited Tomigusuku City, which promotes medical tourism. Mayor Haruki Gibo welcomed the visitors from China, expressing his proactive approach by saying, “China is a significant market for us. We intend to actively work to attract people from China.”

(English Translation by T&CT, Mark Ealey)

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