Motobu rejects Japanese government’s use of quays at Motobu Port due to damage by typhoon

Motobu rejects Japanese government’s use of quays at Motobu Port due to damage by typhoon

A quay that was damaged by Typhoon No. 24. November 2, Motobu Port


November 3, 2018 Ryukyu Shimpo


Motobu – The Motobu town government, which recently rejected a quay use application renewal for trucks loading dirt and sand as part of Henoko land reclamation work, confirmed on November 2 that a number of the quays in the Shiokawa section at Motobu Port had been damaged by a typhoon.

The quays’ concrete has broken and caved in, and there are parts where the ballast has been exposed.

Town officials have said, “Repairing the quays within the year will be difficult,” and noted that the repairs would take months to complete, delaying the dirt and sand loading.


Motobu Port was hit by Typhoon No. 24 at the end of September, and the damage to the port still remains, rendering three of the six quays unusable.

Regarding the rejection of the quay use application, Motobu town mayor Takeyasu Taira stressed, “The application was rejected after local and prefectural employees surveyed the current situation.”


The company loading dirt and sand for use in land reclamation at Henoko requested that they, “would still like to be able to use the quays despite the damage,” when submitting their quay use application November 1.

However, town officials reaffirmed their policy stating, “the renewal is not accepted,” and explained that the application was rejected due to reasons including the risk of causing additional damage by using the damaged quay, and the negative effects this would have on repair costs.


Currently, the three quays that are still usable are being utilized for purposes other than new base construction.

According to Motobu town officials, there are already 45 other quay use applications for the Shiokawa section of the port that have also been rejected.

The town government once again explained, “It is impossible for us to grant any licenses in the current situation.”


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