“Listen to the voices of the Okinawan citizens,” says former Canadian diplomat

“Listen to the voices of the Okinawan citizens,” says former Canadian diplomat

Terry Greenberg (left) and his wife Yoko who participated in the protest that took place at sea on June 5 offshore of Henoko, Nago City.

June 6, 2018 Ryukyu Shimpo


On June 5, former Canadian diplomat who currently lives in Vancouver, Terry Greenberg, 72, and his wife Yoko Oikawa, 59, attended an at-sea protest for the first time.

The purpose of this protest was to prevent the new base construction that is taking place in Henoko, Nago City. During the protest, Mr. Greenberg personally witnessed the citizens standing face to face with the guards across an oil fence.

He said, “I’m shocked by the outrageousness of the Japanese people feuding amongst each other over strengthening the U.S. military forces.

” Regarding forcing through with the base construction that opposes the will of the Okinawan citizens, he said that it is “Nothing more than discrimination and bullying of Okinawa” by both the Japanese and U.S. governments.


Mr. Greenberg had worked for the Canadian Ministry of Affairs and had resided in Osaka and Yokohama for a total of 12 years.

After he retired, he took part in support activities for Palestinians since they are related to his own Jewish roots.

Last year, when he and Yoko had visited Okinawa, he was outraged by the new Henoko base construction that would lead to the heavy military base burden that continues even after the war and strengthening military forces.

Following this, he decided to raise his own voice via this protest activity.


Mr. Greenberg pointed out that “The greatest purpose of the new base construction is to strengthen the U.S. military forces.

It’s definitely not to protect Okinawa or Japan.

” He also said that the Japanese government should “Listen to the voices of the Okinawan citizens more than the U.S.”


(English translation by T&CT and Chelsea Ashimine)


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