JTB to strengthen Okinawa tourism via training of 300 employees in Okinawa

JTB to strengthen Okinawa tourism via training of 300 employees in Okinawa

JTB Managing Executive Officer Shinichiro Moriguchi answering the interview


May 8, 2018 Ryukyu Shimpo


For fiscal year 2018, JTB, the largest domestic travel agency in Japan, is training 300 of their salespersons from all over the country in Okinawa.

These salespersons sell tours at the front line.

The purpose of this training is to increase JTB’s selling power for Okinawa’s tourism by learning about Okinawa.

In April of this year, JTB integrated 15 of its branches across Japan, making this the first training to take place on a national level.


In April, the first group of salespersons, comprised of about 60 people, took part in a training vacation in Okinawa for two-nights and three-days.

They experienced checking in to rent a car and visited tourist attractions such as the Ryukyu Village.

The participants voiced their enthusiasm saying they would like to utilize the information that they gained toward their sales.


Sometime between October of 2019 and March of 2020, the second runaway of Naha Airport is expected to be completed.

JTB plans to roll out their travel campaign, “Seasons of Japan” in Okinawa around that time to continuously strengthen the operations of Okinawa’s tourism.

To stimulate the expansion of incoming tourists, they plan to roll out their travel campaign prior to the second runway being completed.


Managing Executive Officer and General Manager of Domestic Stock Goods Shinichiro Moriguchi recently responded to an interview with Ryukyu Shimpo. Moriguchi was enthusiastic.

He said, “Okinawa is a locale where sales increase the more you describe the product to the customers.

By having all of our employees focusing on Okinawa, I feel that we will be able to sell with confidence.


The entire company will be involved in this.”


(English translation by T&CT and Chelsea Ashimine)


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